What are the Best Methods of Cleaning your Diamond Ring?

Have you been wearing jewelry on regular basis? It does not take long for several kinds of debris along with dust to gather in hard to reach places. You may come across several methods of cleaning the diamond ring. However, you should remember that Solitaire diamonds have been worn as engagement rings. Consequently, it would be worn every day. It would be imperative that you clean your diamond in a proper manner for keeping it in the best possible condition.

Rather than cleaning the surface of the ring, you should lay emphasis on cleaning the back of the ring that touches the skin. Chances are higher if you let dirt gather there, it could result in causing infection to the skin.

Best cleaning equipment for diamond ring

The best advice for choosing the right equipment for cleaning your diamond ring would be using soft bristled toothbrush. It should be similar to the type that has been recommended for younger children. The soft bristles would enable you to clean the ring, regardless the settings in an effective manner.

A traditional method for cleaning the diamond ring would be making use of clear, strong grain-based alcohol such a gin or vodka. High level of ethanol would act as natural solvent. It would remove any stray dirt available on the surface of the diamond or any trapped inside the setting of the ring. Yet another alternative would be using baking soda with water.

It would be recommended that you should make use of soap diluted with water, as best product for cleaning diamond solitaire rings. The soap could be any kind of regular household soap. It could be inclusive of hand or liquid soap, which has been deemed perfect for the job.

However, it would be advised to get your diamond ring cleaned through a professional cleaning services using ultrasonic system.

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Post Author: Eugene Dylan