Valuable Tips on How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling Always

Diamonds are known to be the most valuable hardest substance. While purchasing diamonds it sparkles making the jewellery look pure classic beauty. However, constant wearing of diamond jewellery can make the stone lose its shining quality. This happens because it is subjected to outer environment pollution like dirt, dust, chemical elements present in air and as it is regularly subjected to water containing many pollutants.

Mainly people regularly wear diamond rings and studs. Thus, there are chances of the stones losing their sparkle. Thus, you need to take care of your diamond jewels.

Here are few guidelines to take care of diamond studded ornaments:

  • Take them off while doing manual work. You can remove the rings while kneading dough, cleaning dishes and while washing clothes by hand. Even while doing gardening the ornaments need to be taken off, otherwise wear gloves to keep your hand and rings safe from dirt and chemicals.
  • Keep the jewels separately in fabric lined jewellery box or in soft cotton stuffed pouches. This gesture won’t let the stones come in contact with the other jewels, thus preventing scratches.

  • Make sure not to wear any diamond studded ornaments while taking bath, shampooing, applying moisturizing lotion and while swimming. The lustre of the stone will be lost forever.
  • Clean your diamond ornaments once in a year even if you aren’t wearing them. It will be beneficial to clean and check them by a reliable jeweller. If the mountings need to be fixed firmly, it can be done as there are chances of you loosing the precious stone while wearing the ornament. You can clean the jewels yourself with the aid of cleaning kit specially made to clean ornaments and gemstones.

  • Since earlier times women folk of the house used to clear diamond studded ornaments with small piece of soft clean rag soaked in mild washing liquid. The rag is swiped over the ornaments and with other clean wet rag, the soap is swiped off. It leaves the diamonds sparkle like new again. To clean the prongs and the under space of the jewel item use small make up brush to reach the tiny space. It will clear the dirt sneaking in the nook of the ornaments.

To enrich the look of your diamonds proper handling of them require cleaning the surface of the gems regularly, which will retain its shine.

Post Author: Eugene Dylan