How to Make a Statement with Silver Sterling Jewelry?

Statement jewelry is the new black if it comes to trend in the jewelry department, particularly with the sterling silver. Of course, it can be a bit tricky, but that’s how it should be. Nobody has ever dared to make a statement with the status quo. Here’s how you can make the right statement with silver sterling jewelry.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

Statement necklaces are latest in the trends for a very good reason. With a plain outfit, you can really make a statement and add some wow factor by donning a statement necklace. Just one sterling silver necklace is capable to add life to 5 things in your closet, which is, of course, cheaper than buying 5 new outfits! You just have to look out for a necklace that would complement with the shape and length of your neck. We recommend you to go for:

  • Long pendants and necklaces that reach down to mid-chest or even longer.
  • Larger scale pendants
  • Thin and finer chain, so you don’t take attention away from the actual pendant.

Sterling Silver Earrings

First things first. Make sure that your sterling silver earring is not being overpowered by other pieces. Make sure what outfit you will wear with it. If your earrings are acting as a centerpiece to your outfit, do not don any big flashy jewelry to steal attention away from your earrings. You need to carry yourself in such a way that people notice your stunning earrings. Keep it simple, graceful and opt for solid colors. The type of sterling silver earrings you want to buy also depends on the shape of your face: round, narrow or square. If you have a round face, go for long, dangling earrings. If you have a narrow face, silver hoops or circular dangling would do the trick. If you have a square face, go for circular or oval shapes.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

When it comes to accessorizing your arm, you do not need to don any traditional matching scheme. You can have fun to show off a bit of funk and flair with Sterling Silver Bracelets. Fashion aficionados suggest that go for silver, rose gold, copper or white gold. Mix them with different metal pieces.

Sterling Silver Pendants

The smallest piece of jewelry can make all the difference. If you don a sterling silver pendant in the evening, feel free to pair it with a pair of stunning sterling silver earrings or necklace. It’s all about having fun with experimenting.

Post Author: Eugene Dylan