How to Look After Your Engagement Ring?

Your beloved and precious engagement ring is a once in a lifetime gift and the most special piece of jewellery you will ever own. For this very reason, a little care and maintenance are required to make sure that your finest diamond engagement ring lasts the distance. As soon as you get the ring, you should start taking care of it. It should not take much of your time, but do implement some simple steps to make sure your ring always looks beautiful. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Adopt a spot.

First things first. From the very first day, find a safe spot when to put your ring in order to wash it up or in the bathroom. You can always put in a small dish and keep it by the sink as it makes it easier for you to clean it too.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals are not good for your skin as well as your ring. When it comes to cleaning or doing the dishes, make it a habit to take your rings off at first.

  1. The gym and your ring never go together

You would never don your best outfit to the gym so do it the same when it comes to your engagement ring. If you are in weights and boxing, protect your ring by keeping it in a safe place while you are working out.

  1. Consider a faux ring

Engagement rings may cost you a minor fortune, but a greater sentimental value. You should always consider a faux ring for a few circumstances like when you are travelling to places where the chances of theft are pretty high.

  1. Yearly check-ups

Make sure the jeweller you visit, provides you with a good after service. Some jewellery stores provide a complimentary annual check-up routing which includes a polish and plate for improvising the lifetime of your ring.

  1. At home cleaning

It is pretty common to find debris built under the central stone of your ring. To keep your ring shiny as ever, scrub it gently with warm soapy water with the help of an old toothbrush, especially under and around the centre stone to eliminate any unwanted grime.

  1. Insurance

Your engagement ring is both costly and something of a sentimental value as well. It is something you’d never want to lose. But, can we control the circumstance? It is highly recommended that you get your ring insured while purchasing it. Look out for its policies and options it provides.

Post Author: Eugene Dylan