Essential Tips to Clean and Care for your Antique Jewelry

Have you ever invested in antique jewelry? You should rest assured to be in possession of small piece of history. It would be classified as antique, provided the piece has been more than 100 years old. The jewelry would have ventured a significant journey to come in your possession. It would have most likely adorned the neckline and hand of several people through the ages.

You should relish being the owner of the antique. However, it would have the added responsibility on the owner to maintain the piece. It would be essential for the piece to survive yet another couple of hundred years. Let us look at some of the essential ways whereby you could clean and have appropriate care for your antique jewelry.

Antique silver

Silver has been a popular choice for metal in jewelry. However, the drawbacks would be being soft metal and easily tarnished. It would make the metal appear dull.

AC silver has top tips for cleaning silverware along with silver jewelry. You could make use of good silver polish and few important methods to clean the built-up tarnish. It would be inclusive of using soft toothbrush for cleaning, adding mild dish soap in hot water, using soft cloth to avoid scratching, and avoiding soaking the silver jewelry for longer duration. You would also make use of Good Housekeeping techniques for cleaning silver in the right manner.

Antique gold

Gold could be cleaned easily using warm, soapy water, and soft toothbrush. It would be in your best interest to invest in best gold cleaning products.

White gold would be treated similarly to gold. Simple polish and soft cloth would be adequate to keep the white gold jewelry clean. You could use some soapy water for deeper cleaning. White gold could be soaked up to half an hour in soapy water.

Antique platinum

Platinum has been relatively stronger metal as compared to gold or silver. However, it does not make it indestructible. You would be required to clean the platinum that developed a patina. You should add mild washing up liquid in warm water and use soft toothbrush for cleaning platinum jewelry. The platinum jewelry could be soaked for 30 to 40 minutes prior to scrubbing lightly with soft toothbrush. You should rinse the platinum jewelry afterwards in clean water and then dry it with soft cloth.

Antiques with gemstones

In case, you have antique jewellery with gemstones, it would be in your best interest to gather adequate knowledge pertaining to softness of gemstones before actually cleaning the jewelry. You should be careful of gemstones, as they may fall out of their settings. Avoid using cloth for cleaning, as the threads would stuck up in the claws of gemstone settings.

For pearls, make use of soft make-up brush and warm water having a drop of shampoo for cleaning purpose. It would also help you restore the sheen and shine of the pearls. Do not soak pearls, as they are porous.

These aforementioned steps would help you keep your antique jewelry clean and protected. They need and deserve adequate care and attention.

Post Author: Eugene Dylan