Creative Sunglasses

How many sunglasses have been produced and how many pairs will be created in future? Likely, millions. Every day designers invent new models, shapes, combinations of colours. Here we choose the most creative designer sunglasses from the wide range of collections on offer today.

  1. Zipper sunglasses

This eyewear was created by Lee Cooper and high-end eyewear brand Alain Mikli. They produce creative glasses, having a great passion to innovations.

  1. Steampunk glasses

Dexterous sunglasses in a steampunk style, characterizing by a setting in which steam power predominates as the energy source for high, industrial technologies.

3.Slanties sunglasses

Odd design of this sunglasses immediately attracts those, who are looking forward to new ideas and opportunities. The design is based on Iunit eyewear. These sunglasses are unique due to their handcrafted work.

  1. Solar powered sunglasses

Useful variant for music-lovers. The lenses of the glasses have dye solar cells, collecting energy and making it able to power your small devices. The lens turns sunlight rays into electrical energy.

  1. Line sunglasses

Eyewear, that looks like a line, will suit for people, who want to stand out of the crowd. New-age sunglasses make you not like anybody. Futuristic model was created by Mackdaddy.

  1. Dripping sunglasses

This pair of glasses grips your imagination. They melt as one looked Cool design was produced by Anna Ter Haar. It was prosperous among fashion-fans.

  1. Gold glasses

These 111.3 gram solid gold eyewear was created by Chinese designer Zhu Fei for gold jewellery design competition in Beijing. Different ornaments were engraved inside “lenses”.

So, whatever eyewear you choose, be it a retro pair from the charity shop, designer specs like Ray Ban sunglasses or something a little more ‘out there’ like this list, wear them with pride knowing they are just for you!

Post Author: Eugene Dylan