Buying Diamonds from wholesalers – Things You Should Know

Like any other high ticket products, one of the earlier things that comes into consideration when it comes to buying diamonds is whether you can purchase the stone from any diamond wholesaler or not. People mostly prefer the idea of purchasing diamonds from a wholesaler. However, the dilemma remains regarding whether it is actually difficult to find a good wholesaler or whether anyone can buy wholesale diamonds. But before that, it is necessary to know what wholesale diamond is all about:

Wholesale diamonds explained:

Wholesale diamonds are the diamonds available from any Brisbane wholesale diamond merchant, who purchases a large number of diamonds at a time, warehouse those and therefore sells those to the retail stores. After that, the retail stores sell those diamonds to the customers. This is the reason why the wholesalers are often known as the “middleman”.

Can a customer purchase wholesale diamonds?

Often a number of people consider purchasing diamonds from the wholesale diamond merchants. Besides, there are a number of diamond stores that advertise selling diamonds at wholesale rates. But in most of the cases, this is nothing but just a marketing ploy. It is because of the fact that the wholesalers cannot sell directly to the end users. Actually, the markups on the diamonds are so small that it actually becomes impossible for the wholesalers to make enough cash selling a single diamond at a time to the end clients.

On the other hand, to purchase diamonds at wholesale rates, one has to be a certified jeweler with a legitimate license of state business. Apart from this qualification, the buyer should also have minimum three references from other wholesaler diamond merchants and should have membership in the Jewelers Associations of Australia.

Purchasing wholesale diamond online:

In the recent time, the Internet has completely changed the manner of diamond purchasing. Earlier, diamonds used to change a number of hands before making it to the actual customers. But these days, with the availability of the Internet, this supply chain has dramatically decreased. With the help of online stores, now the diamond merchants can bypass the high overhead of the conventional brick and mortar stores.

Purchasing diamonds online is also beneficial for the customers as online stores often sell diamonds at discounted rates. All one needs to do to find the diamonds at the discounted rates is to find the stores, which have the lowest operating and overhead costs.

Post Author: Eugene Dylan