All about Buying Platinum Rings and Jewelry

Platinum has come a long way from being a choice of luxury to a celebration of love and rarity. If you are done with gold, this can be a perfect alternative. Platinum jewelry is expensive, but also exquisite and stunning to say the least. In case you are looking for cheap platinum wedding rings, consider using some of the useful tips mentioned below.

  • As with most metals, the cost of platinum products like rings and necklaces depend of on the purity of the metals. Just like gold, platinum items usually contain other metals. Any product that’s certified to be 95% pure is more expensive but is ideal from the investment perspective. If you are low on budget, go for 90% platinum jewelry.
  • Platinum jewelry comes with hallmark. All ready-to-sell products will have a hallmark, and the grading may differ. For example, something that says “Plat”, means that the product contains 95% pure platinum.
  • Select a good jeweler. If you buy your jewelry from the right seller, you won’t have to worry about half of the concerns. Most known sellers have reputation and goodwill to keep up, and they don’t usually mess with the products they sell.

  • Talk to your seller about the alloy used for the platinum item. Usually, pure platinum rings and necklaces with 95% purity are alloyed with cobalt, or in some cases, ruthenium. These alloys help in getting the bright shine that the metal is known for. Rings may also contain iridium, and while the price is lower, the design may get affected by daily wear.
  • Get certified jewelry, always. While the hallmark is a good way to be assured about your purchase, you also need to ask for an assurance card. If you plan to sell off your platinum ring in the future, you can use the same, or else, just pass it on to the next generation.

When it comes to wedding rings, many couples prefer the idea of buying matching designs, and as long as you don’t splurge on diamonds, the costs are pretty affordable. Please double check your ring size before you order, especially for custom orders. If you like platinum has an investment, avoid the gold engravings, which will eventually fade with time. Many sellers have their online websites these days, so you can always keep a check on the latest designs. The prices may fluctuate, so look out for the best deals.

Post Author: Eugene Dylan