Creative Sunglasses

How many sunglasses have been produced and how many pairs will be created in future? Likely, millions. Every day designers invent new models, shapes, combinations of colours. Here we choose the most creative designer sunglasses from the wide range of collections on offer today. Zipper sunglasses This eyewear was created by Lee Cooper and high-end […]

Can You Buy Lingerie Online?

You certainly can, but you must buy it from the right fashion site and get the perfect size. We guide you on online shopping for lingerie. Most women are hesitant about buying lingerie online. They think that the garments will not fit, and that the actual clothing is really different from that shown online. These […]

Why shop online during shopping festivals?

This question will not occur to you if you’re clued into Jabong’s newest shopping festival, curated especially for stylish folks like you.  If you are a regular clotheshorse who only chooses high end brands, then you will admit to feeling a little deflated whenever you check out online fashion sales. For all their claims of […]